Welcome from the IDF President

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to Lisbon, Portugal, for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) World Diabetes Congress 2022.

We continue to live in extraordinarily difficult times in which people with diabetes are facing the additional health threat posed by Covid-19. We have seen that people living with diabetes can be more susceptible to the worst complications of the virus and share a concern with many colleagues that the current situation may increase diabetes complications over the coming years. We unfortunately anticipate that Covid-19 will continue to impact individuals, health systems and economies for some time. We remain hopeful, however, that the pandemic will be sufficiently under control to enable the global diabetes community to convene safely in  Lisbon.

In the current context, it is important to remember that we are facing an ever-increasing global pandemic of diabetes. 1 in 10 adults across the world – 60 million in the IDF European Region – are living with diabetes. Without significant action to address the global impact of the condition, IDF anticipates that the number will rise to more than 700 million over the next 25 years.

As we continue to mark the centenary of the landmark discovery of insulin, we must keep at top of mind the sad fact that insulin and other fundamental components of diabetes care – monitoring equipment and supplies, oral medicines, education and psychological support – remain beyond the reach of many people with diabetes who need them. It is therefore important that the legacy of Covid-19 should not see resources and attention focused on infectious diseases to the detriment of all non-communicable diseases, including diabetes.

The IDF World Diabetes Congress 2022 in Lisbon provides the ideal forum for the global diabetes community to continue to make the case for the level of attention, recognition and resources that diabetes deserves.  Hosted in the city that is home to the world’s oldest diabetes association, IDF 2022 will provide a unique forum for knowledge exchange, bringing together the extensive global network of physicians, scientists, nurses, educators, other healthcare professionals, government officials, policy makers, media and diabetes associations that IDF represents .

IDF 2022 will harness the latest technologies to ensure a safe and dynamic experience for all delegates and help foster the collaborations, connections and political actions required to keep diabetes at the top of the global health agenda and improve the lives of people living with diabetes and those at risk.

I look forward to welcoming the global diabetes community in Lisbon to shape the future of diabetes through our strong and united global voice.

Professor Andrew Boulton
President, International Diabetes Federation

Prof. Andrew Boulton

Welcome from the Mayor of Lisbon

lt is with great pleasure and honour that the city of Lisbon hosts the IDF Congress, such a prestigious meeting of such great importance, bringing together people from all over the world.

Lisbon is home to the world’ s oldest diabetes association, which makes this city particularly special for this unique forum, and to continue to give the real importance that this chronic condition requires. The founder of the Portuguese Diabetes Association, Dr. Ernesto Roma, and the fight he initiated against the diabetes, back in 1926, deserves great distinction and gratitude.

Diabetes is now a public health priority, and the impact of COVID-19 gives it an additional health threat. After the wonderful discovery of insulin, the centenary of which was celebrated in 2021, many discoveries in medicines and technologies emerged and contributed successfully to the treatment of this condition. And for that we should be very grateful to researchers.

But more needs to be done, and local councils have ways to join this fight and to keep it at the top of the health agenda. The City Council of Lisbon is strongly committed to contribute to this prevention and control strategy, through urban policies, focusing on projects and initiatives that ensure healthy lifestyles, improving the lives of people living with diabetes and those at risk.

I hope that during your stay you will have the opportunity to not only know the Belem historic and monumental district, where the congress takes place, but also to visit the whole city. Lisbon offers multiple contrasts, combining history and contemporaneity. With a unique heritage, and with a geographical position that gives it a very special climate and light, Lisbon invites you to walk through its traditional streets or through the most state-of-the-art neighbourhoods. lts friendly and welcoming people and the rich gastronomy are also other unique brands that we sincerely hope you can enjoy during your stay.

I wish you a great congress and a pleasant stay in Lisbon.

Carlos Moedas
Mayor of Lisbon